Five Cool Tips to Decorate the Living Room in A Good Plan

Living room usually comes as the biggest room in the house. In this room, people will gather with their families or friends to chat or even watching the movie. On the other hand, the living room also comes as the place where you used to accept the guests who visit your home. Hence, it would be a great idea if you can decorate the living room as beautiful as possible.

Why Living Room Decoration is Important?

In decorating the living room, you need to create a plan. Applying decoration with a good plan is mandatory as it will make a great come out afterward. To decorate the living room, you need a brainstorming to explore your ideas which spots that you need to enhance. Therefore, you can have such a convenient and beautiful living room.

Tips to Decorate the Living Room

Here are several tips for you to decorate the living room to be amazing:

  • Lighting

Since the living room is a place for you and your family spend time together, it would be good for you to get good lighting.  If you already apply the ceiling lamp, then you can still decorate the room with lighting as well. Make sure that the lighting that you choose can be such a good complement. It is suggested for you to get a stand lighting to be put in the corner of the table.

  • Wall Feature

In order to get a look for your living room, it is good for you to pay attention to the wall. If your sofa place in the opposition against the wall, then it would be a good point to feature the wall. You can put the paints on the wall. On the other hand, you can also put any wall decoration on the wall. However, it is suggested for you to put a big paint so that it can be a center of attention in the living room.

  • Balance Beauty and Function

To decorate the living room, make sure that you do not only pay attention only to the beauty, but also its function. If you like to decorate the sofa, then put cushions with beautiful or opposite color against the sofa. In addition, if you like to spend time in the living room to read the book, this would be good to place storage near the sofa.

  • Put the Rugs

Rugs will play the decoration for your living room very much. It is good idea to apply the rugs in the middle of the sofa. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to the selection of color as it will affect the whole look of the living room. To apply rugs, it is good to have this in white or in the pattern. It will live up the living room especially for floor decoration.

  • Pick the Palette Color

Playing with palette color is a great thing to do. It would make the whole look of your living room comes so amazing. To apply such kind of thing, you can put the decoration in one or more color tone. If you apply pink, then you can also combine it with soft yellow to add a sweet impression to your living room.

Thus, those are the tips to decorate your house. Before you start decorating the room, those tips might be workable for you. It helps you what spots or points that would be good to decorate. Moreover, you should know how to highlight one of the spots in your living room. In addition, you can also have some ideas by searching on the internet about home decoration that suits your style.